About Gudrun


Hi! I'm Gudrun Wolff
When I was 9, I received my first German shepherd, "Arko vom Obersteinenfeld", born in 1956 and thus, only two years younger than me.

Arko was a large, powerful and very alert dog, who took his job of protecting me very seriously. His good character awoke my love for German shepherds and was so natural, that after Arko another German shepherd had to enter our house: "Erlo zu den drei Faulen".


Erlo was already 9 months old when I went with him to a SV-Übungsplatz (German shepherd club – practice field) for the first time. On the 1st of Jan. in 1968 I joined the German shepherd club and became the secretary for our local group in Wuppertal, later then the breeders’ ward. In 1974, I married and we purchased a house in the country with a large piece of property. For several years I had a dog hotel and during the years also owned several German shepherds. In 1978, I registered my kennel "Vom Haus Schmitteborn" and up to 1983 I raised 11 litters to my complete satisfaction.


Due to my divorce I had to leave my dogs and move into an apartment in the city. Several years went by, defined by professional life and the desire which never left me to be near my dogs. In February 2001, I purchased a house with a large piece of property in Troisdorf-Altenrath. I have a small hobby breeding and my puppies are raised with love. My goal is to raise a healthy, breed-typical German shepherd with lots of personality.

...and why the name "vom Haus Schmitteborn"?

We have had an old local timber-framed house which was under historical protection in Wuppertal. The street was called Schmitteborn.